Leasing electric cars through the co-operative

Hello Everyone!

I’m looking in to the potential of setting up a salary sacrifice scheme for leasing electric cars for employees/members at Outlandish.

From April 2020 the tax benefits of leasing a car through a company are increased: https://www.leasingoptions.co.uk/news/blog/electric-vehicles-will-be-exempt-from-company-car-tax-from-april-2020/6081

…which makes having an electric car slightly more achievable from a financial point of view. Up until now we just haven’t been able to justify the cost of an EV (as a family).

ANYWAY. I wondered if anyone else was doing this already or thinking of doing it through their co-operative, and if so, which company might be a good one to set up the scheme with? Its a bit of a minefield and I’d like to choose as ethical a company as possible.

Quick facts:
-other than the time it takes to set up the scheme and manage it there is no ‘cost’ to the employer

  • for a VW eGolf the leases (which generally include insurance, maintenance/MOT etc) works out at something like £250 - £280 a month (pre-tax).

And yes, I know electric cars still have a significant carbon footprint, but as a family with two young children and family all around the country, plus a commitment to not fly for any holidays, this is a step that we think will have one of the biggest impacts on our current carbon footprint. There are other members of Outlandish who are also interested in switching from a petrol/diesel car due to this too.

Abi xxx

Hi Abi,

This was raised by one of our members the other week, and is potentially something we were going to look into.

Like you, we have concerns about the carbon footprint, which was going to form part of our investigation, so happy to share that if that would be helpful/welcome.

It’s not something that’s an immediate piece of work for us, however hoping to look at it in the next month or two. Happy to put someone from our side in touch when we pick this up.



What about integrating the leasing with the power-supply contract?

This could give you mile-age based charges for the contracts.

Integrating this form of contract with the power-supply systems described here,

would give you the ability to reduce your personal carbon footprints, and, support co-operative energy companies.

By being a member of an energy co-operative that is part of a national group of energy co-ops, it wouldn’t matter where you drive to, as long as the area you are in has an energy co-op, then the vehicle charge-points can just be grid-connected, without incurring the cost of the transmission losses, by cross-co-operation.

The reconciliation systems for this already exist within the banking and Fin-Tech sectors, so it’s an already-solved-problem as the Proof-Of-Concept work has been done.

Implementing this would be the basis of another project that would be pitch-able to PowerPaired. :smiley:


I mean. that sounds pretty awesome!