Joining CoTech from Amsterdam?


Some friends/ex-colleagues and I are looking to set up a coop of (web)developers in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
The main problem we are trying to tackle now in our orientation phase, is how to find work.
Would joining CoTech allow us to find jobs more easily? And is it at all possible to join CoTech as a non UK-based tech coop?

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Hi Maarten

As I understand things at present, CoTech is for UK coops – but I would personally be very interested in seeing what we could do, say, in the Benelux countries, as I have personal ties with Belgium…

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Simon (


Hi Simon,

thanks for your reply!

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Indeed - it’s currently only UK co-ops to make meeting up easier!

Are you the same Maarten that I introduced to Allen Haim some time ago? I believe he was starting a tech co-op in Amsterdam.

In terms of finding work if you have a bunch of senior developer and some skills in French then you might try who are the French equivalent of CoTech and often short of people. @alexbourlier and @sylvain are hanging out here I believe.

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I confirm that we do ! :slight_smile:

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@harry yes, one and the same! :slight_smile:
thanks for all the good leads!
J’ai fait la maternelle et la fac en France, so I think I can manage the French. :wink:

@alexbourlier would love to be in touch once we’ve got our coop set up!


Feel free to ping back anytime