JOGL- React & RoR Dev Needed

Hi! HappyDev asked me to pass this on

At JOGL, we have a special and urgent need. Our current Tech Lead and main developer has to leave for at least several months because of serious family matters. We are then seeking a person who can fit in his shoes for some time… :paw_prints:

We expect someone who is a Full Stack developer, autonomous in Ruby on Rails and React.js, creative and can manage other developers (at least our current full time junior dev).

:arrow_right: More info on the job position here:

JOGL is an open source project that is driven by the needs of our community. Experience in open source software development with an online community is a big plus :earth_americas::raised_hands:

JOGL is an ambitious project that aims at changing the way science and innovation for sustainable development is done, thanks to the help of a great international ecosystem. That person will be totally immersed in the world of open science, impact innovation and community building.

You’ll be a real love if you could share this news to your network, recommend someone you know or yourself :heart:

Thank you! :seedling:


To clarify, both positions are based locally in Paris office, it seems?

Looking at the job description it seems so but I was under the impression remote working would be fine. I asked Happy Dev & they said to contact JOGL directly (


Please check PM.


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Hm, ok thanks! It’s not for me, but I’m just wondering whether I have places to share it. Good to know though

Remote working from UK is fine :slight_smile: being in a radically different timezone might complicate things though!