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Hi, Jason here from Glowbox.

We’ve just launched a new website which is a job board for worker co-operatives:

The goal of the site is to make it easier for people to find jobs at worker co-ops and to help worker co-ops recruit by being able to search CVs. We found that while there exists niche job sites for other sectors of the economy, there wasn’t a place where people can easily look for jobs in the democratic economy. I’ve populated the site with some jobs in the UK and North America, and if your co-op has any vacancies please do add them.

Would be good to get your thoughts.


Can’t select both Full Time and Part Time.

When I select a closing date, it comes up as “15S April 2019” in the text box - hope that came through correctly?

Bit confusing; the label says “Job Application Email” but the hint says “URL or Email”. I put in a URL - because we don’t accept applications by email - but I couldn’t see that in the preview, so I wasn’t sure that totally worked.

Label says “Twitter username” so I put in just “opendatacoop” and it came out as “http://opendatacoop/”. I had to put in a full URL of “” to get it to work. (If your on PHP I have a section of code that tries to take user input and parse an actual Twitter username out of whatever comes in , there are tests for it to in that repo.)

Sorry, you did ask :slight_smile: Good luck with it!


Thank you James. Appreciate you taking the time. Will look at fixing these.


Hi Jason. Great initiative!


This is awesome! Really good job there.


This is really cool. Thanks so much for doing it!


@JasonC We could display a branded widget with listed jobs on our website at if you have code available?


Great idea Graham. I’ve added a jobs widget code generator here:


That’s what I call service! Thanks. It’s live on our site: #collaboration

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