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Hi, Jason here from Glowbox.

We’ve just launched a new website which is a job board for worker co-operatives:

The goal of the site is to make it easier for people to find jobs at worker co-ops and to help worker co-ops recruit by being able to search CVs. We found that while there exists niche job sites for other sectors of the economy, there wasn’t a place where people can easily look for jobs in the democratic economy. I’ve populated the site with some jobs in the UK and North America, and if your co-op has any vacancies please do add them.

Would be good to get your thoughts.


Can’t select both Full Time and Part Time.

When I select a closing date, it comes up as “15S April 2019” in the text box - hope that came through correctly?

Bit confusing; the label says “Job Application Email” but the hint says “URL or Email”. I put in a URL - because we don’t accept applications by email - but I couldn’t see that in the preview, so I wasn’t sure that totally worked.

Label says “Twitter username” so I put in just “opendatacoop” and it came out as “http://opendatacoop/”. I had to put in a full URL of “” to get it to work. (If your on PHP I have a section of code that tries to take user input and parse an actual Twitter username out of whatever comes in , there are tests for it to in that repo.)

Sorry, you did ask :slight_smile: Good luck with it!


Thank you James. Appreciate you taking the time. Will look at fixing these.


Hi Jason. Great initiative!

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This is awesome! Really good job there.

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This is really cool. Thanks so much for doing it!

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@JasonC We could display a branded widget with listed jobs on our website at if you have code available?


Great idea Graham. I’ve added a jobs widget code generator here:


That’s what I call service! Thanks. It’s live on our site: #collaboration


I was going to ask, have you thought of providing the jobs you do list as Open Data? Then others can spread the data round :slight_smile:

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Echoing what @ODSCJames, and offering markup as an option:

Edit: Looks like you already have that in place @JasonC!

Carry on!

1 Like is great for SEO, so that’s cool. But for someone else to use that data, they would then have to effectively write a website scraper.

I was more thinking a straight JSON dump, or something like that? It would make the data easier to re-use and be easier on your website traffic! I don’t know if there are any existing standards for job listings data and to be clear I don’t have any plans to re-use the data myself straight away, just asking out of general interest.

I see so many job listings sites that effectively are data silos, and having just run a hiring process I can tell you they are a pain to deal with, repeatedly posting the some job over and over again in different enough forms that each one takes effort (Sorry! I would just love to see a job board with an import option!). So it would be great if the co-op way could be different.

I can also tell you people really want to work in co-ops! So I’m very happy to see the site, hope it does well.

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