IT and project management support for Suma

Ross from Suma got in touch with @Kayleigh and myself recently to ask if there was anyone in the CoTech network that could help them with an important and urgent IT infrastructure upgrade project.

We had a call with them and asked if they could formalise their needs in a document so they have sent over a IT project manager job description and IT support brief.

The project is an upgrade to their ERP due to needing to move to Windows 10. This also involves a server upgrade and preparing for all company computers moving to Windows 10.

That is a (very) brief description that may not be wholly accurate! If anyone feels they may have the requisite skills / experience to help them with this project either as a project manager or by providing technical support to supplement their team then please email me and I will happily send over the 2 documents.

Iā€™m not sharing here as some of the information in the docs are sensitive so best kept out of the public domain.

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Sounds like one for @cweb-nick

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Yep he knows already