Is Discourse voting good enough to replace Loomio?

There is a thread on Loomio discussing if we should take out a lifetime subscription or if Discourse might be able to be used for all our online threaded decision making.

The Discourse voting plugin has been added to this forum and enabled for this category (this category is public but only CoTech members can post in it) so votes can be added to posts in it.

It appear that the voting plugin doesn’t have many features other then the ability to vote for a thread, there is no ability to vote against a thread, so I think the way of using it would be to create a new category for each decision and then create a thread for each way people can vote, this seems like it might doable for a major decision but I’m not sure it would work for more minor decisions, but then again there is the ability to have polls…

  • Test A
  • Test B
  • Test C

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@chris there’s also this for voting within threads

Screenshot 2021-04-18 at 17.25.20

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I know, I’ve added a few polls to threads on this site in the past, the options offered really don’t compare to the options offered by Loomio do they?

If there was a Discourse plugin that had even half the voting options that Loomio has (I don’t think we will ever use all the Loomio features) then I’d support dropping Loomio in favour of Discourse, but as far as I’m aware such a plugin doesn’t exist.

If we had the resources to develop a plugin for Discourse that fully met our needs that would be ideal, but we don’t currently have the resources to keep the main CoTech website up to date (for example co-ops are missing and the map no longer works) so I don’t think this is a realistic option.

We don’t really use the loomio voting options very extensively. I think we could probably run our decisions using simple text responses “+1” if we had to. I think the benefits of having it all in the same place would outweigh the disadvantages of losing some functionality.

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