Introductions? (Starter for 10)


Welcome Leutha.

You might want to talk to @dajbelshaw and @bevangelist about Open Badges too - I believe they do that sort of thing.


Hi everyone, I’m Bradley from Founders & Coders. We’re a tuition-free, co-operatively run web development school based in London, Nazareth & Gaza. Some of my current interests are democratic education, human-centred design, and open-source, and I spend most of my time helping organise & facilitate the course in London. :blush:

I’m here as:

  • Bright, enthusiastic & co-operatively minded web developers come out of our space on a regular basis, and I’m interested in working out how we can become a source of growth within the CoTech community.
  • We’re trying to move towards a campus that’s self-sustained by graduate-led digital agencies, and I’d love to make connections with and learn from other digital co-ops.
  • I’m currently working on a research project for CoTech sponsored by Outlandish. To collect data on each of our members and map the network and its relationships to facilitate collaboration between co-ops.

I’ll likely be in contact with everyone over the next few months and look forward to getting to know you all. Do get in touch if there’s anything you’d like to discuss. :slight_smile:


Thanks for that. Yes, I met up with Doug Belshaw several years ago when he was with Mozilla, and John Bevan last year.


Hi all, I’m Neil from the Restart Project. We’re a charity that is trying to fix society’s relationship with electronics. Through various initiatives we encourage and empower people to use their electronics for longer, to prevent waste, and to try and alleviate the myriad other issues surrounding the culture of disposable electronics.

We’re working on a couple of great projects at the moment with tech coops - one with Outlandish and one with Open Data Services. I’m tech and data lead at Restart, dev by background, and big into the politics of tech, so couldn’t be happier to be working with tech coops on these. Hoping to starting collaborating with other coops on the hosting and creative side of things too.

Looking forward to getting involved more in this awesome space.


Brilliant, nice to hear from you @neil - I’ve just been looking at the site, very nice. Not biased, promise!


Heya, we’re a new workers co-op called Autonomic. You can check out our site:
:man_technologist:t6: :woman_technologist:t3:

I also made a separate post with a bit more info:

Great to meet you all!


Hi all, does anyone know of - I will be speaking to them about formalising as a coop soon


I don’t know Hilary and none of the other members are listed on the site, it would be good if they were!


Hi All,

I met a few of you at the coops in tech event hosted by the Media Co-op in Glasgow. My name is Will and I’m based in sunny Edinburgh. I have been a founding member of a couple of non-tech worker coops, namely Tripod - a training and facilitation coop, and The New Leaf Coop, a whole food shop.

I’ve since studied Geographical Information Systems, and am currently a GIS department of one for a green infrastructure charity. This means I do a bit of user support, analysis, scripting, report writing and data(base) management. What excites me in my field that open source GIS software is both maturing, and as a result, exploding into new applications. The combination of open data and open software is becoming more and more accessible and it seems like a great time to be harnessing this for social change.

I’m lucky enough to be working a four day week. I mostly enjoy working less and having time to climb, but do enjoy taking on side projects and collaborating with others.
I hope CoTech will be a place to learn from and collaborate with fellow co-operators, both on the tech and what new models and ways of cooperating are becoming possible.


Hey folks, I’m Sam. I am a member of Outlandish and the resident misanthrope (joke, kind of). I’m primarily a full-stack developer and sit on our Tech circle, where I like to talk mostly about how to make developer’s lives easier, and somehow usually end up doing the opposite. Other than that, I’m a quiet guy and think talking is overrated. I’m interested in CoTech doing, not saying, and look forward to any opportunities to work with you all as it grows.



A tech based coop community, and I’ve finally found it! My background is in geomatics, specifically hydrographic survey (you what!?). If anyone wants to talk geomatics/geodesy/GIS, I’m all ears. I’d love to help if I can.

I’m also a keen dabbler in all things raspberry pi, arduino, esp8266, SDR, etc.



My name is Billy, I’m an engineer, a musician, and, a designer/maker.

I was living in, and, maintaining, Housing Co-operatives for nearly a decade, until parenthood arrived.

I’ve been working on Open-Source HardWare for the last 6-7 years, trying to apply the same principles for developing Open-Source Software to hardware design & development.

I’m mostly working on hardware for the Primary Industry sectors, ie. Agriculture, Aquaculture, Energy Generation/Storage/Transmission, Resource Production/Distribution, Automation Systems for Manufacturing, CNC Machining.

You can find me on Twitter here,

I would like to set up Co-operative FabLabs to create Localised, Distributed, Manufacturing Systems using OSHW to provide the Base Infrastructure that would allow for a UBI to function effectively.

I want to make sure that no-one goes hungry, no-one goes un-housed, and, that no-one has to pay an electricity bill again.

We have the physical technologies to create Abundance for everyone, and the simplest method i can see for this to happen, is to empower everyone to make it for themselves.

The basic plan can be found here,

If anyone is interested, please give me a shout.



I’m a mechanical engineer designing HVAC systems for data centres.

When I’m not helping evil corporations build their infrastructure I collaborate in community projects in South East London, currently a member at The Field, New Cross.

One day I hope I will be able to use my engineering skills for the common good, and this forum sounds like a great place to meet like-minded people


Hey Carlos,

Are you connected with @billysmith on here…he’s very interested in hardware, engineering, DIY hackspaces, Fablabs etc. Might have some crossovers with your engineering skills.



Hi folks

We’re here, we’re queer … and better late to the party than never eh?

I’ve finally added Netuxo to and thought I’d better come by and say “hello” to everyone :slight_smile:

We’ve been trading as a co-op since 2003 and have covered quite a diverse range of work over the years, but our focus for a while now has been pretty solidly on Drupal and WP dev and support, and in providing web and mail hosting services to value-compatible organisations and individuals.

I won’t repeat what you can read elsewhere, so just wanted to say a quick hi and that we look forward to engaging a bit more with this community over the coming months. Our capacity is pretty limited but we will try to prioritise governance discussions and decisions on Loomio and mutual support offers and opportunities here in the forum.

Ok, bye for now



Hi @Ippy welcome! You could add the WordPress and Drupal icons to your page and also edit the URL so it contains your name rather than the article ID.


Hi Chris

I did notice the permalink was pointing to ID, but I do not appear to have rights to edit it (or not the usual way/way I can see).

Yeah, I think we will refine our page in a few ways over the coming days/weeks as we also have a little more/tweaked info and outgoing links to add generally. Happy to have made it this far this week tbh (GDPR anyone?).

Thanks for helpful response - appreciated.



How strange, I have opened an issue for this.



My name’s Tom Lord.
I’ve worked with Aptivate since its early days doing IT for international development.
I live in a housing coop. I buy worthy products from a wholefood worker coop up the road. I like coops.
I like efforts to join up progressive orgs and movements; this feels like some of that; yay!
I’ve had some experience of the joys of DIY activist-y gatherings and my experience of the CoTech weekend at Wortley Hall is that it was a good one of those, with a lot of experienced people and a potential budget! I think this network has more potential longevity and stuff to offer than most. I’m interested in what the Enspiral folks have done, and seeing what we can produce over here in a similar vein.

I’m into facilitation, consensus, spreadsheets, dad jokes, gourmet* vegan food, 90’s dance music, and driving random tat around in vans. I’m working on the precise combination of these activities that will replace oppressive power structures with something nicer. Looking forward to cooperating and having a laugh with you!

* adj. - at least 2 ingredients + chilli sauce


A bit late to the party, but my name is James Timbrell and I’m technical lead at Co-operative Web. I’ve been involved in various CoTech things, but only just got around to signing up for discourse.

Hello! :slight_smile: