Introductions? (Starter for 10)


Hi All,

My name is Liam, I’m the MD for MediaBlaze Hosts, an ethical web services provider.
We offer a range of services, from web hosting to business consultancy for startups looking to get their foot in the door of the online world.
I studied Computer Networking at Portsmouth Uni before setting up he co-operative with 2 other directors.
We moved to Manchester, however still function from Portsmouth and Kent.
We’re currently in the process of expanding our security products offering to include some great applications, such as an antivirus software that runs in the cloud.
It’s all a bit exciting for us.

If anyone is interested in the services we have to offer, do let us know.
We look forward to collaborating and discussing various topics with you all.


Hey, I’m Nick and I am an Outlandish collaborator. I am a general purpose kind of developer, but also worked in more sysadmin-y web hosting context.

I’m very interested in how to build supportive/collaborative developer cultures/environments in co-operative / non-profit / volunteer contexts. I think there is huge potential - very inspired looking at orgs like loomio.

I also work on/with a number of grassroots community projects around sharing and food waste.

I have a bicycle-orientated lifestyle :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

Just a bit about me.

I’m a scientist studying social behaviour. I mainly work on theory, using mathematical and computer models and do a fair amount of scientific computer programming.

My research has generally studied animal systems in the past: altruism in slime mould and aphids, colony collapse due to pesticides in bees, etc. These days I’m more into human social behaviour which I’ve been studying on Twitter.

I build computational/mathematical models of simple microscopic individual behaviours which generate complex behaviour at the macroscopic scale. I found that Twitter is a great resource for testing these theories and I’ve developed a lot of skills for sampling and analysing Twitter data. Most recently I downloaded 500K+ responses to the March Westminster attack which are making some interesting reading. I am hoping to generate some kind of cool techy art project from that.

I like the sound of modelling cooperatives and gathering/mapping data based on the outcome of the models. Also, studying politics on Twitter seems like a good plan at the moment. Science is very slow though, it’s not like in the movies!

I’m also into music and arts. I have been somewhat nomadic the last couple of years.


That’s an interesting background! I was able to sit in on some presentations by researcher Kate Starbird at the University of Washington. She’s studied the networked behaviors of people during a crisis and the emergent systems that form for, say, finding operating gas stations.

I love the idea of understanding co-operative “behavior”. It’s research that would contribute a lot to understanding the journey that people take to participate in and patronize co-operatives. Knowing that journey and those dynamics would help identify barriers and problems to solve for the future!

Anyhow, nice to meet you. Looking forward to hearing more about your work.


As someone new to the co-operative world, ditto.


Hey folks, nice idea for an introduction topic and nice to see so many people here. I’m Luke and I’m living in Ireland at the moment. I first bumped into through a rather strange project listing and was lurking the mailing list and loomio/slack. The tech cooperative idea is really attractive and I want to get involved. I’ll be lurking here and most likely will try to find work in coop soonish (keeping an eye on the jobs board :)). I’m working for the FSFE at the moment - |

People looking for jobs

Hi all, I’m Mix. I live in New Zealand and hold an eccentric orbit around Enspiral. I’ve helped build Loomio, Cobudget, and DevAcademy.
I’ve done a lot of alternative education (where alternative = listening to what people are interested in and supporting them like individual humans), and a fair amount of social enterprise / startup / open source. I’m a facilitating coder, or maybe a ninja-shaman?

My current passion is a project called Scuttlebutt, which is a crypto social network which is like mastodon, but a little less designed, and a lot more decentalised. It supports git (code management), music and social layers.

For paid work, I’ve recently formed a cooperative called Protozoa with a couple of long time collaborators. I’m here to meet like minded (and valued) people, and work on building international bridges across communities - hopefully through paid work together.


Hi all, my name’s Dan, I am a member of a co-op called Small Axe, a creative agency that runs campaigns and builds movements to make the world a better place.

So in practice that means working with non-profits, charities, social enterprises, campaigning organisations - and cooperatives - to help them grow their audiences, promote their work, produce great creative messaging and design, push it out to get to the right people online and offline, and so on.

We’ve been a co-op since our founding 5 and half years ago, but we’re still working out all the nuts and bolts of how we make the most of the model. We’re very keen to make more links with other CoTech members and coops more generally, so do get in touch if there’s anything you’d like to discuss.

My big personal interest is in psychology and language, and im keen we think about how we can make the most of CoTech as an example of how the economy can work better for everyone in the future, without being held back by the associations and cultural baggage that the coop movement has sometimes been burdened with in the past


Hey everyone, I’m Kayleigh and I work with Outlandish. I do lots of stuff here - PM, finance, community development, speaking at events, HR. Part of my community development stuff is centred around CoTech and I try to get out to events and speak about it to encourage more people to join/organisations to become co-ops.
I’m running for the Worker Co-op council this year because I want to lobby Co-ops UK to support other co-ops to establish networks like ours. I think it’s brilliant and I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved so far.


Future of Education Workshop 10

Hi I am Fabian aka Leutha. The first co-op I was in was while at school (back in the sixties) to raise money for political activity: it didn’t work but it was fun. I worked in a number of co-ops since radical bookshops, radical printshops, a film co-ops through the seventies, eighties and nineties.
I have an administrative background, and have been involved in drawing policies, contracts etc. I also have lots of experience using (but not installing) Mediawiki (I have been an active Wikimedian since 2003), CiviCRM.
I have experience in community organising amongst social housing residents, mental health service users and Wikipedia volunteers.
I am not really a techie, but more someone interested in the relationship between technological developments and the workers who use them, creating a learning environment so that worker-learners can feedback to developers to help create more user-friendly software. I see this as an application of cybernetics and I am assistant secretary of the Cybernetics Society. I am interested in the liberatory use of cybernetics as for example with Stafford Beer’s Project Cybersyn.
I am also interested in Open badges.
I am interested in freelance work or long-term comitment to a co-op which grabs me.


Hi Fabian @Leutha would be good to talk sometime from a perspective of similar ages but different backgrounds. Much in common I think. I can be easily found by searching for “asimong” in several places.


Hi Simon,
Yes, it would be good to talk. I am based in London, Isle of Dogs actually, Where are you?

my phone no. is 07908 592 835 or skype: fabian.tompsett1

all the best



Welcome Leutha.

You might want to talk to @dajbelshaw and @bevangelist about Open Badges too - I believe they do that sort of thing.


Hi everyone, I’m Bradley from Founders & Coders. We’re a tuition-free, co-operatively run web development school based in London, Nazareth & Gaza. Some of my current interests are democratic education, human-centred design, and open-source, and I spend most of my time helping organise & facilitate the course in London. :blush:

I’m here as:

  • Bright, enthusiastic & co-operatively minded web developers come out of our space on a regular basis, and I’m interested in working out how we can become a source of growth within the CoTech community.
  • We’re trying to move towards a campus that’s self-sustained by graduate-led digital agencies, and I’d love to make connections with and learn from other digital co-ops.
  • I’m currently working on a research project for CoTech sponsored by Outlandish. To collect data on each of our members and map the network and its relationships to facilitate collaboration between co-ops.

I’ll likely be in contact with everyone over the next few months and look forward to getting to know you all. Do get in touch if there’s anything you’d like to discuss. :slight_smile:


Thanks for that. Yes, I met up with Doug Belshaw several years ago when he was with Mozilla, and John Bevan last year.


Hi all, I’m Neil from the Restart Project. We’re a charity that is trying to fix society’s relationship with electronics. Through various initiatives we encourage and empower people to use their electronics for longer, to prevent waste, and to try and alleviate the myriad other issues surrounding the culture of disposable electronics.

We’re working on a couple of great projects at the moment with tech coops - one with Outlandish and one with Open Data Services. I’m tech and data lead at Restart, dev by background, and big into the politics of tech, so couldn’t be happier to be working with tech coops on these. Hoping to starting collaborating with other coops on the hosting and creative side of things too.

Looking forward to getting involved more in this awesome space.


Brilliant, nice to hear from you @neil - I’ve just been looking at the site, very nice. Not biased, promise!


Heya, we’re a new workers co-op called Autonomic. You can check out our site:
:man_technologist:t6: :woman_technologist:t3:

I also made a separate post with a bit more info:

Great to meet you all!


Hi all, does anyone know of - I will be speaking to them about formalising as a coop soon


I don’t know Hilary and none of the other members are listed on the site, it would be good if they were!