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Dear Community Members,
I work for a large Membership organisation and we are looking to build a new intranet site for our Members where Members can gain exclusive non-public access to our key offer to them – joining collective actions, consultations, events, and sub-groups + more.
We are on a restricted budget and so considering developers based in Eastern European and Asian regions, but we’d need a solid recommendation prior to taking them on.
Would you have recommendations of any developers I could outreach to?

Hi Charlotte,

We already have a membership system developed and built for another large Co-operative in the UK. Would be happy to have a chat if you’d like a call.

My email is

Many Thanks

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Hello Charlotte,

Perhaps you can consider licensing a white-tabled version of our NewsSocial platform which can save you much development expense and perhaps we can share further development. To try it it sign up to or download the apps You can email me on and I can take you through the platform to see if it can fit your purposes.

You could look at humhub, it’s a good open source option

Hi @Lauren_W this is a forum for worker co-operatives. Your company doesn’t seem to be a worker co-op.

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Nor does @Olivia’s org?

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