International hosting and cloud co-operation

Following on from @JanPeter’s second introduction post.

The only example I can think of is exchanging virtual servers, we provide Mayfirst (who are almost a co-op) with a small VM in exchange for one hosted with them.

I’d be interested in doing the same with Hostsharing eG if they would be interested — one of our nameservers (a 1GB Debian Stretch VM) is running on a Gandi VM and it would would be quite easy to migrate this elsewhere — @JanPeter is this something that would be of interest?


Hi Chris,
Currenly I´m talking only for myself and not in behalf of the Hostsharing-team. I´m interested to define use cases where an cooperation in server usage makes sense.
I will ask our team, if they can imagine any use cases. I also would be interested to know, why you have exchanged a small VM with Mayfirst and why do you think it makes sense to to migrate on of your nameservers to another location in exchange to a similar VM ?

I will give an update, if I have news from our team. But they currently are quite busy with technical / organizational tasks. The margins for pure hosting are decreasing constantly and paid services is an area, which constantly need to be developed and expanded.


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Domain name servers are critical to the Internet, they resolve Internet Protocol (IP) addresses (numbers) into human readable domain names, generally if the DNS servers for a domain are down nothing else will work, so it is essential to have some redundancy — we have two DNS servers on our physical infrastructure in Sheffield and one with in Iceland and one with in France, it would be nice to save some money by swapping a 1GB VM with another co-op to replace the Gandi server, does that make sense?

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