Identifying members of CoTech coops?

I think it would be useful and nice (!) to be able to identify people on these forums as members of coops that belong to CoTech. :smile:

I don’t know much at all about Discourse and I have no desire to create lots of extra admin effort, but I wonder whether we could introduce something like a CoTech badge along these lines…?

What do people think?

This seems to already be active, notice you have a little cotech logo in the corner of your profile image, and I have one from


It was implemented in April, see this thread:

It has been implemented using groups rather than badges, see this post:

The Members list is here, please let me know on the thread above if anyone is missing, I have been trying to add members email domains plus individuals when I notice they are missing.

See this thread for more on the Sisters group that @nick mentioned above:


Oh, brilliant! I hadn’t noticed that - sorry for the noise and thank you for implementing it!