ICO for Platform Cooperatives


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This: https://seedbloom.it/
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Hi Oli. V. interesting piece. Would be great to have this perspective available to the wider, non-coop audience too. Over on Coinfan.net, we’re trying to curate a wider dialog than the one coming out of silicon valley & the mainstream crypto commentariat, so do feel free to open a channel there (https://coinfan.net/channels/)


coinfan website: page display partly hides the top banner ad unless I make the page very wide on my desktop display (Firefox). Looks messy and no doubt pisses off advertiser.


FWIW I posted this comment to the article by @olisb:

I like the idea to “issue a set amount of Co-op Coins each month or year, to every member of every co-op that registers with the coin issuer” — we all have a finite (and unknown) amount of time on this planet and I think a key inherent dynamic of a new exchange mechanism must be to flatten the economic hierarchy if it is to challenge the nature of capital — the best initial idea I have is that if people (ideally everyone but you would have to start with a limited number and experimenting with co-ops seems like a good idea due to the inherent trust and honesty in co-operatives) was granted 24 tokens for every day of their life and then could use these to buy good and services and also charge out their time at x times then perhaps this might lead to a more equal society as people would have a easy way to comprehend the value of the exchange mechanism, but clearly this is just an initial idea…


I get that too:

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Hey everyone,

As you may know by now we’re hosting a monthly CoTech Meetup - https://www.meetup.com/London-CoTech-Meetup/- here at Space4 (London). These are public events where we discuss a relevant theme each month, allowing people from outside our network to learn more about what CoTech is all about.

The next event is February 21st 7pm, on the theme of ‘how can we use blockchain and cryptocurrencies for social good and to promote co-ops?’ (I’ll try to come up with a snappier title!).

I’d like someone from this chain/our network to come along to speak. Is anyone available and able to do this?

It would also be great to get a woman so if there are any on this thread or anyone you could recommend that’s be fab.

Ideally, if you could email me on polly@outlandish.com so as not to derail this thread that’d be great.




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just updated to FF 58.01 and its much better (maybe that was you fixing it), but I’m still seeing it break at a certain page width. FirefoxScreenSnapz001


Seen, but no fix yet - Coinfan is very much MVP at this stage so concentrating on testing approach, content etc etc. UX, not so much. But this one now in the queue. Ta.


Getting back to the focus of this thread:


Hi all, 2 things:

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