I want to read something you wrote ages ago

@dajbelshaw made a link between an article I wrote a few years ago and his current work. I really enjoyed going back and reading what I’d written and comparing it to what I think now. Lots of it felt like it was written by a different person who understood the idea better than I currently do (which is weird because, you know, I’m supposed to be me).

I also liked reading Doug’s article from 2014 where he breaks down what’s needed for an Architecture of Participation. Definitely going to refer to it this year.

So, to the topic of the thread, do you have anything you wrote a while ago that it might be time to reread? Could you please share it so I can read it as well? Thank you!


I haven’t got anything directly written down in a coherent format, but the main approach that i’m looking at can be found here,

While i wrote that in 2016, it’s based on work that i started back in 2010.

It’s a still-growing, living conversation. :smiley:

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