How might we (tech coops) offer our solidarity to Rojava's cooperative economy?

Hi community. I’m deeply concerned with the current geo-militar situation of Rojava’s cooperative economy and I was wondering if we have some connections or means to connect with Kurdish people in which we can remain on the loop to offer solidarity to that economy in terms of technology, resources, information or activist activities matching their needs.

What do you think? How might we help our fellow cooperators from Rojava?


@Patelo-TECSO Have you seen this post about Rojava ?

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I was involved with formulating a solidarity statement with the Rojava movement from CICOPA, International Organisation for Coops in Industry and Services, in Rwanda last week, addressed also to the full General Assembly of the International Coop Alliance along with a reciprocal message from the Rojava Internationalist Commune (Make Rojava Green Again). @nicolasdimarco from FACTTIC was there too. Article on this in Coop News.

I’m talking to CICOPA and about converting these fine words into practical help.


Sounds brilliant. You can count on me on any practical help/solidarity to the kurd cooperators. Please fill me in whenever there is something.

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i would echo what Patelo-TECSO says, the Kurdish people are having a bad time; if there’s anything people here can help with, Sion?

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