How do CoTech co-ops manage their payroll and accounting?


We talked already about the pension situation in the Friendly Pension Provider thread but how are CoTech co-ops managing their payrolls?

I would also be interested how folks are handling their accounting?

We have been experimenting with GNUCash and Ledger but haven’t really settled on anything yet.

It’s something I need to get clued up on having mostly been self employed before.


We use Invoice Plane for invoicing and it does the job and if you are paranoid you can additionally secure it with HTTP Authentication :wink:

Our accountant uses paper and Adam (our Treasurer) uses LibreOffice spreadsheets to keep track of the accounts. @jonathan uses the Governments online PAYE system, which although says it just suports Ubuntu, runs fine on Debian, I’m sure he could provide more details :slight_smile:


We use (and are happy customers of) FreeAgent - their software handles
book-keeping, invoicing, payroll, expenses, personal taxes and more. Our
accountant also has an account and uses it to prepare our annual accounts.

Let me know if you’d like a demo.


This is a total tangent but one of the only items of Windows software I ever brought was a full version of Agent, 20 or so years ago, as Free Agent lacked some features — this is back in the days when online discussions were happening on USENET and Free Agent was the best newsgroup client available and we were using 16 colour GIF’s!

I don’t know how “FreeAgent” managed to adopt the same name without confusion!

Sorry for the tangent…:roll_eyes:


Calverts uses Sage Line 100 which is possibly overkill but we have quite complex management accounting as well as financial accounting


Did you get anywhere with this Leo? If it helps I could send you template copies of a couple of spreadsheets which I’ve developed, to keep track of Payroll and the various steps, alongside the HMRC payroll reporting program


Missed this when it was first posted. We (Outlandish) use Xero for all our accounting and PAYE requirements. It is probably overkill for a smaller co-op though imo. We used Freeagent when there were 4 partners (and before we were a co-op) which did what it needed to, including PAYE etc.


We’re still evaluating but don’t really have the time to make a decision yet. Currently using a spreadsheet. Thanks for the offer @jonathan, will let you know if that would be helpful.


We’ve also built various custom dashboards that tie our stuff together - with varying degrees of success.

Our first partnership agreement actually included some code (see Schedule 1 of the attached) which worked amazingly. Highly recommend that approach. Also interested in feedback about it as a payment mechanism.

14_Short_form_partnership_agreement_April 2012.doc.pdf (188.9 KB)