Hourly pay rate for CoTech fund?

Continuing the discussion from How to make a proposal for using the fund?. I am forming up a proposal for the CoTech fund. I am defaulting to the living wage in the UK as the pay rate but wondering if we can do better? Interested to hear feedback on this.

EDIT: proposal submitted @ The Return of the CoTech Newsletter! - #29 by decentral1se


We (code-op) used to pay 15/hour for internal work. We’ve now increased to 20/hour* and I could see us increasing it again to be honest.

As long as it’s affordable, which it seems to be, I don’t see a problem with Cotech paying nearer the rates people are used to.

*Not comprehensively but that is the aim

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Yeah, you know what, 15 pounds would suit better as a rate…I’m gonna run with that.