Hey from Cambridge, UK

Hey there,

I’m Andy from Cambridge, UK. I am currently a freelancer/contractor with my own limited company and I am certainly interested in the values of a co-op and would be interested to know if there are others in a similar situation or otherwise what I would have to do to be able to join?

Thanks in advance!



Hi Andy!
Thank for joining. We (Crystalisr) are building a Platform Co-op for people like you. but its for the South London sub-region. Nevertheless glad to make your acquaintance.


Hey @akmiller, you can find some people from http://aptivate.org in CoTech here who are based in Cambridge and would probably be up for chatting about co-op things. All good people with loads of experience.

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I work remotely for Open Data Services Co-operative from Cambridge (ie. I’m the only one based here), but I also know some of the Aptivate folks. We’re not currently recruiting, but happy to have a chat.

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