Helping with designing and delivering member support programmes is in the process of creating a new working group focusing on designing and delivering our members support programmes.

The first project will focus on the creation of an online learning progamme of digital resources (MOOC), webinars and peer learning. This will have the goal of reaching every worker member in our movement, to build their capabillities to be effective worker members for their co-ops.

The second project is a Co-op Clinic with the goal of desiging a service that provides an intial contact/enquiry management solution and recruits, trains and rewards a pool of trusted supporters who are available to have those inital conversations, and if they can’t help themselves match-make members to those who can help whether in a voluntary or paid capacity.

The reason i’m posting this here, is alongside the “subject matter experts” we are looking for people with an expertise in service design, UX, developers who can help design and build the underlying technology, user journeys and processes to make this happen. The solution needs to be easy for users, not over engineered or overly expensive and as self administering as we can.

Although attending the working group meetings themselves is voluntary, there are both volunteer and paid opportunities depending on the nature of the work and level of committment to actually deliver the work of the group. We have a budget and we want to spend it on worker co-operators if we can.

If you wan’t to be involved contact me directly or sign-up here

Or check out the other ways to

Shameless plug: Have you applied to join yet?

Thanks: We are open, Go free range, Good Praxis, Webarch, Agile, Form and function, Mediablase and MC3 for all applying. I promise I will be sending out welcomes and invoices once I get the finishing touches done to the CRM.


Really looking forward to getting involved with this, John! :muscle: