Hello from Spain

Hi there,

We are a tech coop based in north of Spain: https://www.magnet.coop/

We have our headquarters near Mondragon (the biggest coop group in the world). I just found out about you and wanted to say hi.

Kind regards,


Hello Asier

Nice to hear from you, especially from Spain and especially from Mondragon.

I like your Magnet site, very international.

Best wishes

Felix Lozano

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Cheers Felix!

We are trying our best :wink:

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Nice to hear from you @asier, it would be good to have a meeting of European tech co-ops sometime :slight_smile:.

There is a International Solidarity category on this server and there is also an ICA sponsored Discourse server:

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Just in case, do you know of this site as well: https://www.coops.tech/#members

I take note - Thanks!

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Hola! Saludos desde Argentina!

I’m a member of Cambá, a tech coop, and our network is FACTTIC. Nice to hear about you :blush:

Welcome from a tech co-op in Cambridge, Massachusetts!

I was in Oñati two weeks ago, during the bike ride. Wonderful town. Ulma everywhere!

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Hi there!

Ulma is a huge coop indeed. A living proof that you can be competitive worldwide and have a scalable business model while being a worker-owned coop.

Hugs from Oñati!