Hello from Form & Function Digital Co-operative!

Hi Cotechies all! This is Chris from graphics.coop to update you on our latest exciting developments.

After lots of discussions at graphics.coop, we’ve decided that it’s time to amicably spilt the company into two new, more focussed coops. The print design side of the business will carry on as ‘graphics.coop’ (it’s actually a new company though), and the digital, web-design side (me, Laura and Robert) is now called Form & Function Digital Co-operative. @faf_digital on Twitter. We’ll still be working with the third-sector, and primarily building WordPress websites (though who knows what new directions the future may hold).

We still want to be part of CoTech (of course), but the new graphics.coop won’t be (as they aren’t a tech coop). I’m not sure what the process should be: I don’t think we can simple take over the graphics.coop account. Do we need to be voted in on Loomio? If so can someone initiate that please? We are registered as a company limited by shares under the Co-ops UK model articles, so I’m pretty clear that Form & Function meets the criteria.

Looking forward to continuing co-operation with you all,