Hello from Bitspossessed

Hi all! I’m lluna, a member of Bitspossessed, a software developers collective born this last January to provide its members a healthy and supportive space where we can build software cooperatively. Here is our twitter account :slight_smile:

I’m from the Catalonian Countries, in the Iberian Peninsula. I’ve met some really nice coop projects such us Hypha, Magma, Komun and Coopdevs, which have proof me that this beautiful way of organize professionally is possible and viable, and have inspired me to continue in this path of organize work in a Cooperative structure. I’m glad to participate in the Cooperative community and to have a network where I can learn together with people with aligned values.



Welcome @llunaCreixent! :slight_smile:

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Hi Iluna and welcome to coops.tech! I’d heard about Circles at CCC and have been intrigued by it ever since. Really nice to have you here! :smiley: