Hardware Start-Up events

I receive the regular mailshot from https://www.hardwarepioneers.com

They run events aimed at start-ups working on hardware development.

They running their regular showcase on the 7th of June, https://www.hardwarepioneers.com/2018-events/iot-and-connected-hardware-showcase-2018

Tickets available here, https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/iot-and-connected-hardware-showcase-2018-tickets-39962120779

They’re also looking for organisations that would like to showcase their technology. Applications for presenting can be found here, https://hardwareacademy.typeform.com/to/vcs6Qa

You may also have come across the Central Research Laboratory, http://www.centralresearchlaboratory.com/

They’re a hardware-start-up incubator. I don;t know how co-op friendly they are, but the people that i know that have gone through their programme really recommend them.

They are based in Hayes, in zone 5 in West London.

They’re running regular events on the practicalities of hardware development, and the practicalites of running a hardware business.

The next programme of events covers Marketing & Sales. Tickets available here, https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/boost-manufacturing-sessions-products-to-market-tickets-44219280057