Hardware Meetup 10th May

I get regular mailshots from these folk, https://www.hardwarepioneers.com/

They put on events about hardware prototyping and manufacturing.

Most of the speakers have a certain amount of “Buy OUR Technology, and NOT our competitors…”, but allowing for that, the technical content is really good.

Tickets usually go fairly fast so you need to be on their mailing list to find out about the events in time to get tickets.

More details of the next gig, here, https://www.hardwarepioneers.com/2018-events/prototyping-iot-products-best-practices-and-new-technologies and tickets available from here, https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/prototyping-iot-products-talks-by-arm-altium-microchip-and-lprs-tickets-43200671371