GOV.UK Digital Marketplace and Digital Outcomes and Specialists

On the GOV.UK Digital Outcomes and Specialists suppliers’ guide it says:

Subcontracting and consortia

You can work with other suppliers by subcontracting or forming consortia. Subcontracting is when you arrange for some of your work to be done by a third party who is not on the framework. The buyer must agree to this, and you must tell them in your written proposal that you plan to subcontract and who your subcontractors are.

Forming consortia is when a group of suppliers on the framework work together. A consortium can be either a single supplier subcontracting to other suppliers, or a new company, jointly owned by the members of the consortium, which applies to the framework as a single supplier.

I was going to look at adding myself as under Digital specialists, web operations engineer and adding Webarchitects under Digital outcomes, Support and operations, Systems administration, and was wondering if any other co-ops might be interested in discussing subcontracting work to us or forming a consortia?

If anyone else is looking at this today, have you managed to find where the Start application hyperlink can be found? At the Digital Marketplace front page I see a “Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3 coming soon” box, but that is as far as I have got…

Hi Chris,

I had a look this morning and they don’t seem to have opened the application process yet. They’ll probably get around to it sometime today. There’s no rush anyway – the deadline’s a way off.

We’ll be applying again at Agile Collective – we’re already on DOS 2 – and are definitely up for discussing subcontracting and/or consortia bids as and when appropriate opportunities come along. It sounds easier from the buyer’s perspective if all suppliers are on the framework, regardless of the way those suppliers decide to work together.

All the best.


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