Go Free Range looking for a freelancer (React/CSS)

Hey folks. We’re looking for a front-end freelancer to work with us for up to 4 days a week on a fun project for a charity in May and June. Ideally someone who knows React, CSS with experience in an agile team.

If this might be you, please get in touch lets@gofreerange.com. We want to become a more inclusive team and would love to hear from freelancers in under-represented groups.

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Are you restricted to (or prioritizing) UK candidates?

Canada has a very under-developed co-op scene, but lots of interest. I know some co-op curious folks (incl under-represented), but would want to be clear if you were prioritizing UK candidates, so they could weigh where they put their energies for opportunity-seeking :slight_smile:

Not explicitly no, but the team we’re working with work 10-6ish UK time so those hours would be best. We’re not entirely sure how to best work with a freelancer in Canada from a legal and financial point of view, so we might need some help working that out.

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Hey @chrislowis you still looking for someone? If so, we can maybe work together! I’ll send you a DM :slight_smile: