GDPR is coming 23 May 23 event


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on Friday 25 May. This will be more the beginning of a new era in Data protection than the end of a previous one. How the GDPR works in practice will evolve over time so it would be sensible to use this occasion to launch an ongoing GDPR working group to share experiences and good practice and overcome any sense of isolation we may feel when faced with what can be quite complex and puzzling requirements.

One of the areas of mutual support between co-ops we can develop is sharing good practice and policy development. With the advent of GDPR we have an opportunity to work together as these new regulations become more focused through enforcement actions by the Information Commissioner’s Office

Please sign up on the event page here.

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Great initiative @Leutha. Sadly I won’t be at the event, but I’m very keen to be involved in any ongoing initiative that this is sparking off. Hope it goes well.

Digital Liberties- General Data Protect…ns Compliance Commitment - Google Docs.pdf (336.4 KB)

Hi all,

Time is ticking away . . . .

I had a session yesterday looking at GDPR with someone from a charity and someone from the corporate sector.
What we discussed was drawing up a compliance commitment statement which then goes into detail as regards specific policy areas. We found this helped us think more clearly about each particular policy rather than being overwhelmed by the totality.
Attached is the draft of our compliance commitment statement which you are free to use, adapt or ignore, but I hope you find it useful.
If you are interested in this but can’t make the event in London, please drop me a line as we shall see about organising an online link up through Nextcloud talk
all the best

hey @Leutha thanks for starting this, I’ve signed up and will be there unless something comes up unexpectedly. Happy to share where we’re at and what still puzzles us…