Funding for movements like CoTech

This event is for people starting or involved in movements (CoTech?). And I have no doubt there will also be funders there…


If there is potential to find someone who has some money they can give us (without unacceptable strings attached) that would be awesome… could someone from one of the London co-ops attend?

Incidently I’ve recently had a few meeting with Mikey from the Losing Control network, thanks @Kayleigh for pointing him in my direction. He should be at the Radical Roots gathering in Liverpool this weekend and I think a couple of people on this forum might also be there so you might potentially get a chance to ask about this? @SzczepanOfAnimorph @leedscath


@chris I have my eye on the event, thanks @PeteBurden for sharing it - I’ve been thinking about funding recently and the strings attached to it/reluctance to fund anything that is slightly out of the norm.

I particularly like the sound of Esther and Bob’s session (sorry about the caps, blame it on copy and paste): FUNDING NARCISSISTS, DICTATORS AND SOCIOPATHS; HOW CAN WE AVOID OUR FUNDING PERPETUATING UNHEALTHY POWER DYNAMICS?