Full-stack Developer / Tech Manager

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Full-stack Developer / Tech Manager

Opportunity in Glasgow for a developer / tech manager with a social conscience

• Opportunity to oversee the development of a new social tech product tackling domestic violence.
• Currently being piloted as an MVP – with lots more to develop

We are looking for a technically brilliant, highly organised and socially-motivated developer / tech manager to join our small, lean, dynamic team.

Your role will be to lead on the development of further iterations of the product, preparing for its wider roll-out. You will also be working with the project team to develop other products based on the same tech framework. Apart from your fellow co-op members, you will get to engage with a diverse group of people including the product users, support workers, police and the prosecution service.

media co-op is a worker co-op, based in Glasgow, working exclusively with for not-for-profits and the public sector on projects which have a positive social impact.

We value difference and are committed to equal opportunities and to reflecting the society we live and work in.

1. Is this you?

a) Knowledge & skills
• Full-stack developer
• Python/Django (or similar experience in another framework e.g. Ruby on Rails)
• React/React Native
• Javascript
• DevOps

b) Experience
• Experience building web applications
• Experience building mobile applications
• Experience hosting and maintaining services

c) Approach to work
• Genuinely motivated by doing something that has an impact - passionate about social tech
• Cares about challenging domestic violence
• Responsible & responsive
• Structured approach to work
• Problem-solver
• Thorough, minute attention to detail
• Passionate about a lean/agile approach to tech development
• Good communicator
• Genuinely interested in being in for the longer-term development and maintenance of the product and the development of related spin-off products

2. Could you do this?

• Building new features for our React Native mobile application
• Building new features for our Django-based API
• Building new features for our admin website interface

• Running and maintaining the server
• Software updates
• Bug fixing

• Overseeing the ongoing technical development of the product
• Working with the product owner and other team members, e.g. UX designer, graphic designer, etc.
• Taking an active part in product development meetings with a wide range of project participants
• Leading / being part of Agile workshops
• Advising on tech developments
• Overseeing freelance developers brought in to work on the project (if any)
• Planning sprints

• Finding solutions/problem solving
• Proactive team member, contributing your own ideas

If this is you – or a lot of it is you – and you’d like to join us in the UK’s friendliest city to change the world for the better through social tech - please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

3. Contact
Louise at media co-op louise@mediaco-op.net / 07974 350377

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