Freifunk Community Mesh Networks Event - 19th-22nd September

Just a reminder, for the people that missed it, :smiley:

This event is taking place next week in Rome, but there are org’s from all over the planet taking part, and as it’s based around computer networking, it’s being run as a hybrid event. :smiley:

The Freifunk newsletter is where i found out about it.

The event website can be found here:

As the event is based around Community Mesh Networks, it’s an ideal set of infrastructure systems that would give a subscriber-based revenue-stream for an infrastructural tech co-operative. :smiley:

This would also work as a local-government-based project, that would be pitchable to local boroughs.

Update: I just found out that Autonomic is one of the UK partner’s taking part. :person_facepalming: :smile: