Free workshop: Products and innovation in the New Normal

If you’re wondering what the current situation means for those of us hoping to develop new user-centred projects, tools or resources, then heads up! :rocket: Next week I’m hosting a free online workshop next for us all to discuss, share, learn and ready ourselves for the New Normal :earth_africa: :eyes:

It’s not an Outlandish thing, but personal to me as I think it’s a huge topic. And it should be interesting! Because in a period of HUGE change, this time also the best opportunity for us to create the world, systems and society that we want to see.

(We’re going to be building a new everything, so we might as well build it right!)

Please come along for a session filled with digital, non-profit, UX and other experts.

Hope to see some of you there:


Thanks @RichardE this looks really interesting! I’ve just signed up :+1:

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Cheers Doug. Nice to e-see you again! Should be a good session - lots of people have signed up so far so there should be a lot of input from everyone.

Hope you can make it - and that we get the chance to catch up for real soon too.


Oh yeah, this does look great, Richard! Unfortunately, it’s the same day/time that some of the other We Are Open members are running a test session for a public sector focused series of workshops about…well, building everything new and doing it right! Super glad you can make it @dajbelshaw!

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