Free conflict training in London (SPACE4)

Hey everyone,

On Friday 27th September 10-3pm we will be hosting a free workshop on Forum Theatre (‘Theatre of the Oppressed’) in the new building. This workshop is being delivered by two researchers/practitioners from the University of Umea in Sweden (one recently wrote a case study on Outlandish and is particularly interested in non-hierarchical organisations).

We’d love it if some CoTech people could come along!

The workshop is based a theatre technique developed by Augusto Boal who was a Brazilian political and cultural activist. Essentially, it transforms the audience into active participants, getting them to offer solutions to conflicts arising in an imagined scenario. I participated in a workshop some years back and found it to be an interesting insight into how people react to and resolve conflict. This session will be somewhat geared towards resolving conflict in work situations. There’ll be about 5 people from Outlandish there, and maybe others from SPACE4 etc.

Please let me know if you are interested in participating.


This sounds really interesting @polly

I would love to come but will be away, sadly. I will share with AC team and see if anyone is up for it.