Four Day Week pilot program

Hey everyone,

Are any co-ops interested in transitioning to a four day week? We did this last year at Common Knowledge and it’s had such a huge impact on our overall wellbeing. You can read a bit more about our experience here: Moving to a four-day week — Common Knowledge

Anyway, the 4 Day Week campaign & Autonomy have just launched a 4 Day Week pilot program, where they’ll support you to trial a four day week in your company.

You can sign up here: Join the UK 4 Day Week pilot programme — 4 Day Week Global – The Future of Work

They’re also happy to have a chat to anyone who’s interested. Let me know if you are and I can put you in touch.



There are some of our members interested - personally I’ve worked 4 days (technically as a part time worker) for years and would highly recommend it.

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Thanks Gemma! This tweet made me laugh:

But seriously, this is a great opportunity for worker-owned co-ops to talk about the difference between cooperatively owning your own business (and therefore deciding how much you work) vs your boss giving you time off, a sabbatical, or whatever…


Cool! If they want to have a chat to the organisers before signing up, let me know their email address and I’ll introduce them :slight_smile: