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@Felix we could create “Tenders” as a sub-category of jobs?

However would this make sense as a category that is only viewable to workers in CoTech co-ops rather then being public (due to it potentially containing data that could be of use to people submitting a competing bid)?

If so we could create a Discourse CoTech group, add everybody who is a worker in a CoTech co-op to it and then make the tender opportunities a private group?

Or would we be better off only using Nextcloud for non-public matters like this?

I just created a Cryptocurrencies category for:

Threads about Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain based technologies and how these potentially relate to Co-operatives.

Could we have an informal category, for IRL informal meet ups or would this be more suited for the events category?

I’d suggest using the events category for now.

Thank you @chris much appreciated

Thank you Chris. Nextcloud sounds OK. Thanks

@Felix good idea, I have created a Nextcloud category as a sub-category of the CoTech Category.

Hi Folx,

I propose that we add an extra category for international stuff?

After the meeting at 34C3 and thoughts at Making contact with other tech co-ops outside of the UK? and, we wanted to stay in touch with the new friends we made. Mailing lists suck so I suggested that we use this forum.

@chris suggested that we use the #coops catergory but I think that is perhaps for UK stuff so we might need an international subcategory?

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Thanks for the write up of the meeting, it sounds like you have had a very productive time!

A International Solidarity sub-category of Co-ops has been created.


Interesting reading. :smiley:

I need a set of sub-categories added to the Co-ops Top-Level-Category.

  • Co-ops
    • Rulesets
    • Pre-registration Prep-Work
    • Idiot Checks
    • Starting up
    • Business Operations
    • Business Maintenance
    • Failures
    • Partnering
    • Contracts
    • Infrastructure
    • Templating
    • Versioning

These are the initially relevant categories, for some of what i am thinking of, but once other people go through these, they will come up with things that i haven’t thought of.

Thank you for your help.

I’d rather do things the other way around — create categories once there are enough threads to populate them, rather than creating categories when there are no threads to put in them, if that is OK with you.


OK, that makes things simpler at the beginning, for the people who have been there from the beginning, but it also means that it is difficult for new members to find where the conversations are taking place, when they want to ask about a specific topic.

I’ll just add Category Hashtags, so when i ask again, you’ll know which places to put them in. :smiley:

I have just created a Technology category with two new sub-categories Software and Hardware and I have also made Cryptocurrencies a sub-category of Technology.

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Thank you :smiley:

I’ll see about transferring the posts into the appropriate categories. :smiley:

Could you also add a main category for Introductions?

I’m having trouble to find where to say hello.

Scratch that i just found the thread again using the search function.

Is there any way to pin it to the top level categories, so it can easily found?

Good idea, we had just been using one thread but a new top level category makes sense :slight_smile:.

I have just renamed the Wortley Hall category to CoTech Gatherings since this year we are not meeting at Wortley Hall, Discourse will have created a redirect to ensure that old links still work.

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I just added a podcast category as a sub-category of news since we have a few threads linking to podcasts.

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I have created a Calls sub-category of the CoTech category for discussions about the monthly calls and also so that they can have dates and times attached in order that they appear on the Calendar.

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At the CoTech gethering in Newcastle we agreed to create some skills based groups, there is a call for a junior developers one and I think a DevOps/sysadmin one would make sense and I’m sure some others will emerge.

It probably makes sense to create Discourse categories for these (these could be private or public as the groups wish) and I’m not sure how best to do this, as sub-categories of the CoTech category? As sub-categories of a new top level Skills Sharing category? Something else?

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