Firefox addon to easily make Medium-like quote images for social sharing?

Is anyone aware of any browser extensions/ addons (ideally for Firefox) that lets you select text on any website, and then it creates an image of the selected text to use a image quote for sharing on social media?

Basically exactly like what you can do on Medium, but for any website.

If something like this doesn’t exist already I think it’d be a really useful tool for someone in CoTech to make to help people very easily create sharable quote images (I’d use it all the time!)

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Do you mean something that works with this tool?

The, still rather new, built in screenshots facility in Firefox is great, it allowed me to stop using the free, but not Free, plugin I used for about a decade, however I think @jdaviescoatesis asking for a tool that turns a selection of text into a image that is nicely formatted for sharing on social media?

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In lieu of a plugin you could use a website that does text -> image.

For example:

Only slightly less convenient.

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Great, thanks, I’ll check it out.