Film about the Cooperative alternative to Gig Platforms!

Hey everyone

I’ve worked with some of you in the past (Outlandish, Webarch)… I’m a documentary filmmaker at black & brown and also a web developer at Pastel.

I’ve just finished making a short documentary called Reclaiming Work about the cooperative alternative to the likes of Deliveroo and Uber Eats called CoopCycle that is based across Europe. I’m really excited to share it with you all, but first we’re looking for a platform to host the film.

If anyone has contacts/suggestions on media outlets that could take the film please get in touch!

Many thanks


Good to hear from you @usayd, CoopCycle has been mentioned on here before in terms of their software license and as an open source delivery platform, the film sounds great but I’m afraid I haven’t got a bright suggestion regarding where to host it, I assume you are looking for somewhere where you can charge people to view / download it?

Thanks for getting back Chris. Ideally somewhere that will pay to take it from us to recoup some of the costs for making it but we don’t expect folks to pay to watch it (it is a 7 minute film).

Somewhere like Guardian Documentaries would be amazing. We are in touch with them but I doubt they’ll take it.

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When you have posted the film somewhere I would like to see it!


Sounds exciting.

Unfortunately I don’t personally know a lot about film distribution, but…

  • Have you spoken to the team at Blake House? I believe they furloughed themselves and so it’s unlikely they will be checking the forum, but worth sending them an email (they’re part of CoTech)
  • I know a guy trying to bring CoopCycle to the UK - he would potentially be worth chatting to. He was an RSA fellow so maybe could introduce you perhaps. The RSA are doing a lot regarding the gig economy. If you DM me your email I can introduce you.
  • We run a venue for coops and other progressive tech organisation. I’d love to do a screening when the time comes.

Good luck.



Thanks Polly! I have spoken to a few folks in the UK but more than happy to be connected. How do I DM you?

I’ve manually bumped your trust level, you do now have permissions to DM, click a username to start a private thread.


CoopCycle does operate in the UK already.

Not in London I don’t think does it?

How much did it cost to make?

have DM’d you with some detail on the costs :slight_smile:

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Do you have further details please?

Hi, speaking as a member of the Coopcycle federation, we’re in contact with couriers in London and it’s looking promising. Futhermore, as far as I’m aware we’ll soon not be the only ones in the UK using Coopcycle in anger, Cooperation Birmingham are on the cusp.

Not sure who you’re referring re RSA fellow, if you could forward details that’d be great.


I’m reluctant to merge this thread with the one with the announcement that the film has been released as I believe that would result in the posts all displaying in date order so I’m just going to post a link to the other thread:

apologies I wasn’t sure whether to make a new thread or not, thanks @chris

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