FACTTIC - FIC case study: Training in NodeJS

Hi everyone!

As we told you last Thursday at the Gathering, we held a training course for developers who wanted to join a project where several cooperatives are involved. The main goal for us was to ensure we continue to fulfill the client’s need for developers with members of our network’s coops, and avoid the client having to go looking for new developers in capitalist companies just because we didn’t have developers with the skills required for the project.

Last week, by chance, while we were telling you about this experience, the client prepared the following post commenting on the experience: https://blog.betterez.com/blog/innovation-through-education-upskilling-our-developers

We think it would be interesting to evaluate the possibility of reproducing this experience with CoTech cooperatives, not to enter into this particular project, but to train in new technologies or simply in widely used technologies.

As I mentioned during the presentation, we have prepared this course on NodeJS, and if any co-operative is interested in learning nodejs by taking the course we could work on translating the slides. The course code along with the exercises are open, so you can see them here: https://github.com/fiqus/node-course

If anyone believes that this idea can be useful, we are open to contribute to making it a reality.