Extending CoTech Nextcloud? XMPP/Matrix?


We have been using Nextcloud at Animorph since the beginning of the year (mostly Files+Collabora, Calendar & Deck), big thanks to WebArchs for setting up the CoTech instance!

Inevitably however, due to working with external bodies, we have been getting involved in various slacks-like ecosystems, which we resent using. One of the alternatives we have been looking into has been Rocket.Chat, which MediaBlaze Hosts set up for the housing co-op all members of Animorph live in. The partnership between Nextcloud and Rocket.Chat is fresh and the integration/user journey is still a bit clunky.

At the EMF this year we got into the idea behind Matrix. Not just because of incredible architecture (mesh of servers, be it Nextclouds or what have you is a captivating image) or the Riot client (which bridges slacks and rockets) but also due to their other trailblazing efforts such as WebVR + WebRTC, which is of a vital interest to Animorph.

So we started inquiring into setting up an instance of Matrix and contacted both MediaBlaze hosts and WebArchs.
@chris suggested we could look into extending Nextcloud XMPP chat with a Slack bridge Slack and use Android app on mobiles for XMPP group chats as well as IRC.

After a conversation within Animorph we could internally operate with the Nextcloud-only solutions (+IRC) but we doubt if those modules can be very approachable to clients we would want to share the communication infrastructure with during the development cycles.

Hence, due to a consideration that the (internal+outreach) platform would involve different clients on different ‘channels’ at various times, the system would need to be fully cross-compatible, having apps both for mobiles and desktop for Linux, Windows, and Apple people… I believe this is necessary also to take other CoTech members out of the belly of Google.

The downside of Matrix is that as of now it would be a separate system from Nextcloud. The discussion regarding the integration has been going on on a several threads such as this or that

What do you think? Would this be something we could also discuss at the hack?


XMPP ticks this box, there are a lot of clients, I have used Gajim from Stretch backports on the desktop and Conversations on Android and they seem fine, but a little basic compared with closed clients which have the backing of global corporations, such as WhatsApp.