Experts is user journey mapping?

I need someone really good a doing user journey mapping.

I’m running an event on Thurs 22nd Nov for membership practitioners in Manchester and I want to do a practical skill share on how to create member journey maps as a technique to improve UX of members in a co-op - improving their participation levels, mostly from a website point of view but can be applied more widely.

I’m guessing someone in the co-tech network does this for your own clients websites etc so if anyone thinks they are good at this and willing to do a 1hr workshop on it, do let me know ASAP:

What’s in it for you?

  • Free ticket to the Practitioners forum (£120) plus travel expenses.
  • You get to stand in front of all the largest retail co-ops membership officers and practically show them why they should be doing business with your co-op rather than some shitty corporate competitor.

Give me a call if your interested or post here 0161 214 1765

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Just to clarify this is about customers for all intents and purposes. How to map a customer journey to improve it, just applying that logic to customers that become members and therefore engaged in other ways as well.