Experts in online learning?

I’m looking for someone who is really knowledgeable about online learning, MOOC’s that sort of thing.

We have a number of potential projects, like developing a mentoring programme, co-op advocates, induction to Co-ops UK membership etc. All these rely on some form of online based learning. Before i go too far down creating a brief I want to talk to someone who knows about this area to feed into the the brief. This wouldn’t preclude them bidding for the work if it became a proper project.

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Hi John. Pat Conaty has done some work on developing MOOC’s. I have a qualification from the Institute of Information Technology in on-line learning from the days when it was a new thing. Happy to chat.

Thanks Mark, to be honest its more on the tech side i’m interested than the education side.

In particular, how we can build it in such a way it can be rapidly updated/improved based on continual tracking of user behaviour and feedback. Our current approach is very much, built it once and hope it is good, I’m trying to change that mindset. But happy to chat anyway as ever!

moodle is probably the leading tool for managing online learning courses and I believe a few people here have used it, Webarchitects have experience in hosting and upgrading Moodle rather than the development of content / courses, so if you ever want a moodle server we would be happy to discuss your needs.

I’ll ask my colleagues at Cetis LLP. Thanks!

Hi John!

As I think I mentioned to you once before, we (Go Free Range) helped build the OU’s FutureLearn platform. That was custom software rather than using any off-the-shelf systems though. If that perspective would be helpful to you we’re always happy to chat.


Specialized MOOC software is one way, but also could just fork a static Jekyll website based on Mozilla’s Open Leadership series:

@benhylau (fellow member at forked it for


Hi John! in our case, Coop. Geneos (Tandil, Argentina) we have a business line related to the Moodle platform. We have several clients whom we assist in different administration, customization and updating issues of this e-learning platform. Personally, I also work managing three other Moodle platforms implementation at the university (Unicen, Tandil). If you think we can help you, we could talk. Sorry for my English if something is not completely understood, but I am Spanish language native.


Ping @dajbelshaw who is leading as well as being co-founder of CoTech co-op We Are Open Co-op alongside @bevangelist @laura @BryanMathers


@athertonjohn I’m not sure you still need help…Yes, Doug is leading Moodle Net at the moment, but we also were there at the beginning, inventing cMOOCs and, actually, even contributing to the course in a box Jekyll approach waaay back in the day. Last week Doug spoke about his history with Open Badges too. All in all, we’re we’re experts on learning + tech here at the We Are Open Co-op.

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@laura I followed the cMOOC link above but it didn’t tell me what a cMOOC is? :smiley:

cMOOC’s emphasise Community and connected-ness.

xMOOC’s are direct translation of the existing one-to-many broadcast experience used by universities.