Experiences outsourcing project/operations management?

When I started 3XE in 2015 I wanted it to be a co-owned co-managed product company but I didn’t want to complicate the path to that with equity finance so decided to use consulting/client work as a revenue stream to support the in-house projects.

3XE is now approaching its 5th birthday (and me my 30th) and the revenue streams still haven’t switched and the headcount hasn’t grown (is only me). I have a unlaunched web app :shushing_face: which should be launched and monetised by now but my productivity is nothing like it was at the start and I sense that I am not pushing myself as hard as I could be.

Reflecting on where I am going wrong I feel like it’s a combination of being in too deep and needing a kick up the arse. For that reason, along with the impending psychological milestones, I feel like it’s time to take a serious look at outsourced management to help me get the project and business to where I want them to be.

Does anyone here have any experience in outsourcing management functions? One thing I am wondering is how their time would be structured and how much time they would need in order for them to effectively manage my time.