Events/conferences/festivals/etc in 2020

Hey :slight_smile:

I’m searching for some events/conferences/festivals for this year, I asked on the fediverse, but maybe some people here have some good ideas! … and maybe others will benefit from sharing them here too.

A few I collected on a list already:

Without dates yet:

Keen to here from others what events this year are interesting to you…! I’m especially interested in finding more low-key, DIY, self-organised kind of events (to balance out the Big Shiny Thought Leader On A Stage kind of events), am sad I can’t see any mention of Barncamp trying for a 2020 edition.

(…also quite likely I can’t make it to any of these, I have a narrow window for the timing/topics/location/price to all coincide)


Good plan! A couple more:


This so useful! Thanks! I’ll definiately check some of those out. I currently plan on going to the Green Gathering and Co-Tech gathering. Does anyone know of any interesting elsewhere in Europe? :slight_smile:


Nowhere looks interesting.

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There are a lot of burning man inspired festivals, e.g. The Borderland (I just found this list which includes Nowhere that Chris mentioned and The Borderland). Also closely related to the term transformational festival - you can also find more of this kind of thing at Autopia. In the UK Noisily Festival is part of this stuff…

Personally I’m a bit cool on some of this, feels to me more like making little temporary utopias that operate under the banner of change but in practise involve a lot of the usual hedonistic drug/music culture that doesn’t have much relevance for making the wider society/economy unfucked - if you want to party just say so :wink:

Maybe they’re all great though and I’m just cynical and bitter that I didn’t get invited to all the cool kid parties :sunglasses: - I’m sure lots of the people are super nice. Another theory is I’m just overwhelmed by the social interactions and prefer chilling in a forest or by a river on my own :palm_tree:

(I’m still open to the idea of “these kind” of events (sort of) … )


Thank you @nick :smiley:

I did’t know that FarmHack was running this year.

Just booked the tickets.

Will any other CoTech people be going?

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The Festival of Maintenance will be running for the third time this year - Liverpool, Saturday 10th October.


1 Like look interesting in terms of the Industry Sectors that they work on.

They have a festival running in New York State from the 7th-10th of June.

They have a more USA-focus to the events that they put on, but if you’re over there already, it might be worth a look.

Main reason that i found them is they’re hosting the forums for FarmHack, :smiley:

Update: Also from digging through the forum, most of their organisation/publicity for FarmHack has gone via Facebook, which is why i hadn’t heard about it. :frowning:

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Hi all, making my first post here.

Amongst other things I’m the creator of Autopia and the initiator of Totnes Convergence, so it was great to see them both mentioned here. It would be great to see CoTechies at the Convergence!


@stephenreid nice to see ya here! i’ve been thinking about coming to the convergence, it’s looking like there’s an amazing group of people forming for it :grin:


Thank you for the shout about Farmhack 2020.

An excellent weekend. :smiley:


I’m stoked on a bunch of these and will get my tickets soon for the CoTech gathering at least.

@stephenreid Can you DM me with any blurb about Autopia? Sounds a bit like like something I’ve [slowly] being trying to kick off called Meta Soundsystem but hitting it from the other direction. I used to live in Plymouth so we probably know some of the same people :slight_smile:



Hi, thought it might be worth mentioning that Open 2020 have now postponed their in person event but are still holding an online event on 11th & 12th.


I split off the previous discussion between Billy and Liam a private thread now with them, plus me and @asimong who volunteered to support them in their discussion.

I guess “events in 2020” is not really a useful topic any more, and probably all the ones listed were either cancelled or totally changed, so I’ll close this topic too.