EuroPython (Edinburgh, 23-29th July 2018)


EuroPython is the big European conference for the Python programming language. This year it’s in the UK, in Edinburgh. It’s 3 days of talks + 2 days of training/workshops + 2 days of sprints.

I know a bunch of our coops work with Python, so would be good to meet up with anyone who’s going. Me and a couple of colleagues will be going from Open Data Services.

Also, the Call For Proposals is now open (until 20th May, a week on Sunday!). Talks don’t need to be specifically about Python, so I wondered if anyone would be interested in working together on one about CoTech? (or any other topics people would like to suggest.)



EuroPython is in Edinburgh next week. Is anyone else from CoTech going that would like to meet up?

I did submit a proposal about tech co-ops, but it was rejected. There’s the possibility of doing a lightening talk though.


@ben.webb.opendata I won’t be there but I’d love to pick your brain on some Python stuff, would you mind dropping me an email on to chat? :slight_smile: