EHRC 1819-26 Human Rights Tracker

This ITT came back again from a couple of months ago

with more money, presumably because they didn’t find anyone to do it for the original price. Is anyone else thinking of bidding – maybe collaboratively – on this?

The lead-in Description is

We are looking for a suitably experienced contractor(s) with an expertise in developing a searchable online tool / database. This project will help the Commission to fulfil its mandate to track progress on the implementation of the UK’s UN recommendations. Its aim is to increase transparency and aid scrutiny against the UK’s international human rights obligations

er, I’d better make this clearer – I can’t say anything, and don’t want to ask anything, about whether we or anyone else is thinking of bidding themselves. But I hope it is OK to ask simply if anyone would like to collaborate on a joint bid? That doesn’t breach any competition regulations, does it?

My understanding of collusion/price fixing/etc. is that it has to be fairly explicit.

That said
a) I’m not a lawyer
b) it’s still better to be explicit that you are suggesting collaboration (which is almost always allowed) rather than implying it (which could be taken as implicit price fixing)

If anyone else knows better here it would be good to know. @ian maybe?