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Hi all,

As some of you may know my company Sechoia is not yet cooperative, it’s something I’m hoping to move us towards soon and learning from everyone here is very useful.

In the meantime, we have been in discussions for a while with a group of engineers I know that are forming a cooperative of their own, they have an idea for an affordable children’s educational game. I believe they will be running focus groups once schools begin to open up a bit more.

They approached us at Sechoia to see if we wanted to partner up somehow and provide the software development. We have done bits in some concept prototyping but nothing substantial.

The main sticking point is capital, i.e. neither of us have enough that would allow us to spend the time required to develop this.

So I guess I have a couple of questions:

  • What are the best funding opportunities for new cooperatives with new product ideas?
  • Would anyone actually be interested in hearing more about this project and potentially getting involved? The software side is likely to be Embedded C, cloud dev, vision AI (OCR and object recognition).



One group that would be worth talking with, for a number of reasons, is The EdTech PodCast.

Pre-Covid, they were occasionally recording the sessions at the HereEast building in Newham, alongside the GDI hub.

From the Game Design pov, there was a group of Game Designer’s that met monthly in a pub in Islington.

The designers of Nuclear Poker did a showcase there, would be able to tell you more.

Say hi from me. :smiley:

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Just saw that MozFest is taking place this Monday.

They’ve been funding all kinds of projects.

Maybe talk with some of the people there. :smiley:


Thanks for the info!

There was a number of EdTech start-ups mentioned in the latest newsletter from


The TechForGood mailing list mentioned in the above post, is sponsored by Bethnal Green Ventures,

They may be worth your friends taking the time to talk with, as they fund a wide range of different start-up’s.

At one point they used to accept co-op’s onto their accelerator, but not any more.

They will still be useful to talk with, as they are in touch with a number of external investors/angel investors that may be able to help, :smiley:

The same people that run the EdTech Podcast, have a Meetup group,

They’re starting to run a series of online meetup’s related to one of the accelerators that they work with.

Next event is April 1st,