Drupal work needed


I have a friend who works here:

They are looking for a Drupal developer to help with their website. They need:

  • Short term: someone who is happy to get familiar with how it works at the moment, and be contacted at fairly short notice for functionality fixes as they arise (e.g. recently the had an issue with newsletter sign-ups not working)

  • Longer term: some more fundamental changes to how the website is structured – and/or advising on the best direction to take it forward over the next few years.

I think initially they are looking for someone with whom we can agree an hourly rate and take it from there.

We have a Drupal expert/PHP developer in our co-op. Feel free to put
your friend in touch: autonomic@posteo.net


Hi all, GreenNet http://gn.apc.org do lots of drupal work, and have hourly pay-as-you-go rates,
NB We’re not (yet!) CoTech members

Hello, we (Agile Collective) specialise in Drupal so would be happy to be put in touch.

@kawaiipunk @edmaw perhaps we could arrange to chat about teaming up? We are really busy, and getting busier so starting to turn work down - it would be great to explore working together on projects.

My email is aaron@agile.coop so feel free to drop me a line if this is something of interest!

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Hi all,

Thanks for the responses!

@aaron, so I assume you may be too busy to take on this work?

@kawaiipunk @edmaw I will be initially more inclined to pass GreenNet details, only due to the fact that @edmaw mentions explicitly a hourly pay-as-you-go rate, which is exactly what they are looking for to start with. But @kawaiipunk, of course, I’m happy to pass your details also and let them decide.

Also, it would be nice to have your work emails as initial point of contact rather than a info@etc…one, I know it is a small detail but it gives a warmer and nicer personal feeling to it. Is that possible?

Great, I’m emaw(at)gn.apc.org
looking fwd…

@egomez our approach is to do a site audit (usually a day) to assess the site and make sure we can support and maintain it and then agree a support contract for a set number of hour per month. I think we would have capacity to do this, depending on how much time is required, but it may not be what you’re after from the sounds of it…

@aaron thanks.

I think that to be completely fair I should pass on the contact and basic info for the three of you guys.

@kawaiipunk, any basic details of the services you provide you want me to mention? I understand this may not be needed as your website speaks well for itself.

I think just that we have a Drupal dev and are looking to take on new clients at the moment.

We only have one email currently as we only use it for external comms https://autonomic.zone/#contact I will pick that up though.

We are also totally down for collaborating with anyone else on a project.

Thanks :slight_smile: