Drupal 8 / Composer / Site rescue

Hi all,

I have been trying to help out a guy called Tim who runs an education website called Fledge (https://fledge.education). He has a Drupal 8 site which has been sort-of abandoned by a previous developer: https://login.fledge.education/

He wanted me to perform security updates and then some development. Unfortunately I’ve gotten completely stuck on the updates. Something is wrong with the setup and every time I try to update with composer I get a white screen and messages that I am finding it very hard to interpret. I also tried downloading the entire files & db to my own server to work on, but in this case the site would not run at all.

I suspect some kind of problem with composer, but I don’t have the expertise to figure this out. The site is currently working fine, it’s just stuck on Drupal 8.5. So I’m putting this out there in case any D8/Composer experts feel they’d like to try to tackle it. Tim is a very nice and reasonable client and he knows he’s going to have to spend some budget to get this sorted out, and could be a chance to pick up regular work as he has plans for the site.

If anyone is interested ping me and I’ll send him your details.


The CoTech co-op which does Drupal work is Agile, they would be the first people I’d suggest contacting.

My other suggestion would be Ben Jarlett, he is a member of Webarchitects and maintains several Drupal sites on our servers.

Hey @alanpeart

I’ve shared your post internally in case anyone can help. Sounds like a total ball ache!

I think @kawaiipunk also does Drupal, but not sure…

Hi @alanpeart and thanks! We at https://agaric.coop could definitely help. Send us details at ask@agaric.coop if Tim and fledge.education aren’t taken care of already.

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Thanks very much Chris, Aaron and Ben. Ben - I’m going to email you some details to get in touch with Tim.