Does anyone have any resources available about their co-operative recuritment process?

We’ve been doing a bit of recruitment recently but I feel our process has been pretty chaotic. I was just wondering if anyone had any resources they could share about their recruitment processes?

We’re particularly committed to not replicating the toxic elements of recruitment for capitalist corporations.

Nothing in practice over at Hypha, but attended a book club last night hosted by Austin Software Co-operatives meetup: Book Review: The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age | Meetup

The book was aimed at regular companies, and about reframing the relationship with employees around being allies and honest about personal goals and paths involving departure outside org.

Aside from a neat section on “building alumni networks”, the book focuses on a model of “Tours of Duty”. If you can overlook the military analogizing, it seemed pretty helpful for both recruitment and keeping things fresh and motivating. Basically about negotiating these periods of specific goals and completion criteria (either qualitative or quantitative), which get refreshed every so often.

Here are my scratch notes: Etherpad

Mostly a delivered summary, but felt stimulating to join in. They’ll publish the video here when it’s ready:


Hi KawaiiPunk, I may be able to give pointers that are focused if you could perhaps outline what aspects of your process are chaotic. What outcomes are not being achieved? How does the failure reveal itself? Where in the employment process does it show up as chaotic? What do other folks in the system report? If there are relevant customer complaints, what do they indicator to you?

It’s a big area.


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