Do you or someone you know want to be on a panel discussion?

Josh from Commonwealth (lefty think tank) is putting together an event called Platforms, Pandemics and Coops. It’s provisionally scheduled for the 7th October, it’s a panel discussion and he’s asked me to be on it and to recommend other people from Cotech as well.

He would like to focus on coops from outside London and in different areas of tech and structure.

I’m more interested in getting a diversity of backgrounds and identities as far as we can than that participants be outside of London and from different business domains.

Is anyone interested in being on this panel? Maybe you can recommend someone who wouldn’t normally put themselves forward but you think has a distinctive point of view?

Being a storied veteran of panel discussions myself (I’ve done at least 2 that I can remember), I can say that it’s not a stressful format, it’s just a conversation and it’s usually pretty fun. Reply here or pm or email if you want to be involved or can think of someone who should be.


Hey @KingMob I think the date is the 7th, not the 10th. I’m also speaking on it and suggested a few co-ops from CoTech but not sure if he’s been in touch with peeps.


Hi yes would be delighted to come on it representing Crystalisr, the start-up platform co-op for micro-businesses in South London.


I’m a middle aged straight cis white dude, but I am outside London, and We Are Open Co-op does more of the ‘human’ side of tech, so would be happy to help!


My organization is remote but currently based in London. I’m American but immigrated to the UK From Jordan so I’m not sure how that qualifies me :slight_smile: I predominantly work in humanitarian aid which might bring a slightly different perspective than many of the CoTech organizations.

That said, my current organization is not (yet) affiliated with CoTech and was founded only a few months ago. Anyways, I’d love to participate if others felt that viewpoint would be helpful.