Division of production / remuneration

Hey guys,

I am part of a Brazilian cooperative of free software developers.

Until now we have been dividing our production equally, but now we are growing and having new members with different profiles and we are looking for the best way to remunerate ourselves.

So, I came to ask if anyone could tell about the forms of remuneration that you use in your coops.

Responsibility? Home time? Seniority? By tasks?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Livia!

So nice to meet folks building free software coops! (We are a free software coop in Galicia, Spain).

The model that we use is based on time input, and not seniority because the latter ends up with you falling into the same old trap of senior/junior members. That said, my coworker has written a blog post that explains the exact system and the rationale much better at time for money -- wingolog. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions!

Hope this helps you :smiley:


Hey ryzokuken,

Nice to meet you and Igalia!

The article is very good and it was very enlightening! Is very good to know the concepts used by each coop.

Thank you for the prompt reply!

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