Discourse: the config, hosting and software running this site

Webarchitects have spent quite a lot of time configuring the virtual server running this site and all the code to set it up is available at git.coop and if anyone can think of another group or organisation that could make use of a Discourse server then we would be very happy to help – we could do with some more work hosting services for clients like this :slight_smile:

Also if anyone or any co-op wants to help contribure to the cost in terms of time that has been spent setting this up or to the ongoing hosting costs then please do so by joining Webarchitects Co-operative and buying as many shares as you can!

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I posted a topic on the main Discourse forum about how this site has been installed:

I just wanted to publicly thank @chris and WebArchitects for the hard work in setting this up. An officially hosted discourse instance costs at least $100/month, but WebArchitects have taken on this work for free for our benefit.

We (Go Free Range) joined WebArchitects to help support them - it’d be great if others could do the same (or put some work their way!).


Ditto. Fantastic resoure

While replying to a couple of posts in another topic, I got pop-up ordering me to use the edit button to combine them into one poorly-cohesive post covering several unrelated subthreads. Is that a matter of configuration and do people really prefer unrelated points to be combined into one post?

To avoid that you need to use the Post Reply button (on the Post to which you are replying) not the Topic Reply Button (at the bottom) otherwise Discourse will assume you are replying to the Topic not to individual participants in the Topic, twice.

Using a Post Reply button also leaves a breadcrumb.

Sometime the pop-up is helpful, but to be honest, I generally click to make them go away without reading them…

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I was using the Post Reply button. I still got nagged.